Important Links

Healthy Shopping Guidelines

Healthy Eating Starts with Healthy Shopping

This 1-page tip sheet provides suggestions for lower fat and lower calorie foods to fill your kitchen with when you go shopping.

Low Calorie Shopping List

This page describes how to use the Nutrition Facts Label when shopping for low calorie foods.

Fat-Free Versus Regular Calorie Comparison

This page describes common fat-free or reduced fat foods that don't necessarily mean low calorie foods when compared to the regular versions.

Lower Fat, Lower Calorie Alternative Foods

This link is a great resource for offering suggestions for lower-fat versions of higher-fat foods.

Fruit and Vegetables of the Month ( CDC 5 A Day)

This link takes you to CDC's Fruit and Vegetables of the Month yearly calendar. Each month has a fruit and vegetable that is featured and information about the fruit and vegetable is provided, including its origin, nutrient information, how to shop for them, storage, and recipes. How cool is that?

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