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Speaks on Current Epidemic

I’m not here to pat myself on the back or wow you with all my credentials as a personal trainer nj, but rather to get you to take notice of the current epidemic which is facing our society and our children. According to researchers, this epidemic is causing early onset diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol in our children. As far as your personal trainer nj is concerned, a 10 year old child is way too young to have these types of problems. Furthermore, the same researchers say that if our children have these problems now and their inactive lifestyles and poor eating habits continue, there is a greater likelihood they will have these problems as an adult and the complications could be disastrous. In addition to health complications, excess fat can play a huge role in the child’s psychological well-being as it can have a negative impact on their self-esteem, particularly among teens. This can have significant implications for their success in life or at school.

I have dedicated my career to youth fitness so I can help as many kids as I can. Obesity in our children can be changed if we do something pro-active to change that. Parents can have a big impact on this trend as well. We can no longer rely solely on our school system to keep our children physically active. Parents play a key role in helping their children control body fat and weight by encouraging them to be physically active as well as modeling an active lifestyle, providing good, wholesome foods, and assisting their children in adopting healthy lifestyle programs. Working with young children can go a long way in preventing the many conditions that result from carrying an excess amount of body weight. Early youth fitness studies have shown that youth fitness programs can reduce children's body fat by as much as 5%. Such a reduction could have a significant impact in terms of longevity and overall health for today’s kids. As one researcher has stated, if the current trend for today's youth generation continues they could become the first generation whose longevity will be shorter than all generations that have proceeded them since statistics have been taken.

We need to make sure this does not happen!. Teaching children to become physically active while having fun at the same time is at the core of good exercise habits. Children want to have fun, and I am here as their personal trainer nj to help them along that path…exercising while having fun!

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