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As you undertake your exercise and weight loss program, it is important to remember, fitness is an individual quality, which varies from person to person.

It is influenced by SIX (6) Factors:

1). Age

2). Sex

3). Heredity .....unfortunately, these 3 factors you can not do anything about.





....IT IS within YOUR power to CHANGE and IMPROVE the last 3 factors, NO MATTER what your Age, Sex or Heredity is.



Exercise Program - Personal Fitness Training - Rates

I provide affordable, results oriented, one-on-one personal fitness training in a private, state-of-the-art equipped studio, which is located in the Bedminster area.

I also offer partner training and small group semi-private training for 3 people to help make training more affordable as well as FUN while training with your friends. Whether training adults or youth, the studio is fully equiped to accomodate ALL your training needs.

RATES: Please call me to discuss your training needs, training packages, small group and partnered training rates, or in-home pricing. My rates are very competitive and I will do ALL that I can to provide you with both a rewarding and results driven experience.

I also offer a Money-Back Guarantee because I believe completely in the service I provide. If you follow the nutrition and exercise plan I prescribe for you and you don't get results I will refund you your money. I am confident you will not be disappointed in the services I provide.

Try Before You Buy: You can even try out my services with a COMPLIMENTARY session BEFORE you buy. Let me prove to you what I have to offer you, whether that be for yourself or your child. Rather than all the sales hype and pressure tactics, call me to schedule your FREE Session and if you're not satisfied then we part amicably. It's that easy.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to make an appointment. I Look forward to working with you in helping you with all your health and fitness needs!

Youth Fitness Training - Youth Athletic Development

For the past 15 years I have focused my life to working with young athletes as a coach, teacher, and trainer, and I have done extensive training to improve my knowledge and practical abilities to train athletes properly.

What I'm most proud of in the entire world isn't all these things, however. Granted, having the knowledge and skills to help adults and children to better themselves physically is a "gift". But my proudest achievements are my 2 kids. I am one of those fathers that believes that no matter how good or bad their achievements are, I will always encourage them and love them with all my heart. I have always loved kids, but my love for kids became even more intense when God finally brought my wonderful wife, daughter and son into my world. Without their love and support, I would be just an ordinary man. With them at my side, I feel like my life has purpose, and that purpose is to teach, guide,and educate all those that I can on nutrition and fitness, especially children who might need some extra guidance and support to help them to better health or athletic development. My wife and kids have taught me 2 of the most valuable qualities in life: Love and Patience. These qualities have helped me evolve immeasurably, both personally and professionally.

*Please see my youth fitness page as well as my testimonial page and video page for more information.*

Training kids is my UTMOST passion. Children need both nutritional guidance and physical exercise to stay healthy and allow them to succeed in life.

Our schools no longer give our children the proper amount of exercise kids need to stay healthy and keep their weight in check. And many kids just aren't into sports, but they do need to play, have fun and exercise. They need caring, patience, guidance, understanding and and unremitting will to help them succeed.

Whether working with children who have weight problems and are in serious need of a professional to help them to manage their weight or children who want to enhance their sports abilities, I am very comfortable working with ALL types of kids who need someone who truly cares about their health and sports conditioning needs. Call me to discuss your child's needs. I PROMISE to do ALL I can to help your child manage his/her weight or become a better all around athlete. I have been working with children in one capacity or another in the health and fitness industry for 20 years and my experience is extensive. If you need someone who is both passionate and knowledgeable on youth fitness and sports training, call me to discuss your needs. If you haven't already checked out my BIO page, please go there for more info on my credentials and background.

As both a member and a Certified Youth Conditioning Specialist of the International Youth Conditioning Association(IYCA), I had to pass a complete background check in order to get certified. I assure you that your child is in good hands. I can provide references should you require them. Please don't hesitate to ask me. I will gladly provide you with them :)

How Can I Help Your Child?? CONTACT ME TODAY!

Targeted Exercise Program

Targeted exercise is a key component when designing any exercise program, and in order for any targeted program to bring about results, ALL exercise must meet the F.I.T.T. principal in order to be truly effective. The FITT principal says, exercise must have a consistent Frequency, a constant level of Intensity, a Time level where the duration is constant, and what kind or Type of exercise training you are doing. The FITT principal allows me to use a mulitude of exercise programming to help each client, of which some of those programs may include the following:

*CORE Conditioning

*Flexibility Training

*Functional Training

*Athletic Performance Enhancement

*Body Sculpting

*Lower Body Targeted Workouts

*Cardio/Resistance Circuit Training


*Balance Training


*Split Routines

*Pyramid Training

*Suprise/Mix It Up Training

These are just some of the things I can use to enhance my personal training programming to help each individual with their exercise goals.

Nutrition Counseling

As a certified nutritionist, I can also work to guide you with your dietary needs.

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