Peak Condition Total Advantage Training and Movement System!

I have The New Jersey Fitness Solution You've Been Looking For! Here's What the Peak Condition Fitness Total Advantage System consists of...

1. Showing You What Exercises To Do And How To Properly Perform Them (Without Injuring Yourself) - Knowing what to do and how to do it is half the battle. After all no one wants to injure a muscle, tendon or joint first week into an exercise program and then be bed-ridden for a solid month, then give-up on having an active lifestyle afterward.

2. Creating A FUN And Fast Paced Environment To Workout - Let's face it, if you don't look forward to your workouts, there's a good chance you won't continue. So I like to spice up the workouts with a fun and light-hearted environment. And when working with kids, FUN is the KEY ingredient. Whether you're an adult or a kid, WE WILL have FUN!

3. Push You Beyond What You Could Ever Do On Your Own - Working out on your own is one thing, then working out with a fitness coach pushing you is another. I will motivate you beyond what you could ever do on your own - so you can make sure every day is a good day.

You Will...

• Drop That Unwanted Body Fat Once And Reduce Pain - This time you will succeed. I will show you everything that needs to happen in order for you to shed the body fat you want, keep it off for the rest of your life and reduce your aches and pains. When you know what to do, when you know what works and why, losing weight is as easy as ever, but that's the trick, you have to know what to do.

• Build Lean Toned Muscle To Boost Your Metabolism - Lean and sculpted muscle not only helps your body function, it looks sleek, healthy and defined.

• Look And Feel Better Than You Have In Years (Perhaps Ever) - Let's not forget, besides the health benefits of eating right and exercising, the main benefit: looking your best, feeling great and keeping an active lifestyle.

Here's how a quality fitness solution like Peak Condition Fitness compares to other options, like working with unqualified trainers, going it alone, supplements, or joining a health club or weight loss clinic:
Peak Condition Fitness VS. Other Gyms,Clubs,Fitness Centers
The Peak Condition Total Advantage System teaches you nutrition is a lifestyle, exercise and everything else you need to get you the real, visible results you're after. Programs Often some cookie cutter approach, failing to address all the needed areas for a complete fitness program which in the end hinders if not blocks any long-term results
The Peak Condition Total Advantage Results Nutrition System that will clearly outline what NEEDS to happen to get maximum results.

Plus I'll keep you going strong 24/7 with my Peak Condition Transform Accountability Journal designed to keep you on track when you're at home.

Nutrition Misses the boat completely. Either none or barely any help here. Maybe a nutrition pamphlet or a one time meal plan that gets old and stale after one week.
The workouts are fun, fast-paced and effective. Variety keeps the workout fun and your muscles guessing what's next. Plus the supportive environment I will provide you that will push you that extra distance giving you the energy and drive you didn't know you have. Training Often slow-paced and boring with the same boring routines. More of a social environment. Workouts are repeated week in and week out setting you up for boredom and lack of results.
I can offer numerous options, 1-on-1 training, semi-private training, in-home training, youth training, or even phone coaching. Because of these training options it gives you freedom to choose what works best for your budget, saving you money so you can ultimately lose weight from your body, not from your pocket book. Rates Often very little options, if any. Have to invest in huge session packages, membership dues, electronic fund transfers designed to drain your wallet with no guarantee for results, or benefits to speak of. This can add up to enormous costs.
With the Peak Condition Total Advantage System you absolutely cannot fail. You're guaranteed to get real-tangible results. Getting in awesome shape and feeling great is simple when you have a proven and effective fitness program. Results Good luck. If you don't get results that's too bad. They could care less if you get results or not. As long as they have your monthly money coming in who cares is the attitude you'll get. You should have done better type of mindset. By failing to address all the areas needed for optimum results there's no way you'll get the results you're after.
You'll have FUN and get in a super effective fat-burning workout at the same time. The fast pace keeps you busy and not bored. FUN Nothing less fun than having a Trainer with superior genetics flexing their muscles and having the mindset that you're inferior.

Is This Really Going To Work?

Let me tell you, I understand any skepticism you may have. With all the junk and outright deception out there, how are you supposed to break free of the confusion...

... and find someone you can trust to tell you the TRUTH about real, lifestyle management and fitness results?

View my testimonial page for words from my clients regarding their.

If you're like most people I meet, you're probably worried about what types of food you should be eating to burn the most fat. Low-carb, low-fat, low-whatever - are they the way to go?

Perhaps your confused about the best types of exercise you should be doing to burn the most fat possible or help with certain conditions.

Or maybe you wondering about one of the following:

• Why 95% of ALL DIETS FAIL and how you can avoid the single biggest mistake dieters make

• How to get your body burning fat around the clock (even while you're sleeping)

• Everything you ought to know about weight training for fat loss, keeping the engine running and reducing pain.

• What are the most effective forms of exercise you absolutely must be doing to help ease pain from certain conditions such as R.A.

• How you can guarantee you have time every day for exercise and your health

• The 3 vital factors of any successful fitness program that will help get your body moving to a more active lifestyle.

• How to set powerful goals that produces results

• Why the popular "DIET" mentality will halt your metabolism to a stand still

• How to harness endless motivation to ensure you stay consistent with your goals.

The above are frequent concerns that most of my NJ Personal Training clients start with. Don't worry, I've filtered through all the junk out there, the hype, the deception, the outright lies.

Or maybe you're concern is for your children and you have questions like:

* How many calories does my child need to burn daily?

* How do I get my child to eat healthy foods and move more?

* How to encourage my child to have an active lifestyle and put the technology away?

* Does my child need to be on a special diet?

* Should I be counting my kids calories?

* Does your program work for the entire family?

* What is the best way to develop strength in my teenager?

* When should my child begin using weights?

* How is your youth training program different?

* Why is stretching important for my child?

* How Positive Reinforcement & having FUN will make your child love to "exercise" and feel great!

Click link for proof that exercise can be fun!

Believe me.... this is just the beginning!

What's The First (And Most Important) Step?

I would like to share with you the most truthful and cutting-edge fitness success formula available so you can finally get that body, health and life you've always wanted, whether that be for you or your child. I'm 100% positive I CAN help you!

All you need to do is request your "Ultimate Results Fitness Consult".

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We'll talk on the phone for just about 5 or 10 minutes to see if this program could be what you're looking for. We're not about forcing you or trying to sell you into the Peak Condition Total Advantage program.

The only way this will work is if you TRULY want to be active, manage pain and get in best shape of your life.

If we find we're a good fit for your needs then we'll schedule your FREE consultation at no charge. This is where it's at. The first step to making a permanent change in your body and life.

Get Your FREE Ultimate Results Private Fitness Consultation and let me help you regain an active lifestyle. Call me or email me TODAY! 908.399.0071

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Here's What You Can Expect.....

• Increased energy, strength and liveliness to go through every day full force

• A tighter, firmer, toned body (have the arms, legs & thighs you've always want)

• A Faster, Ramped-Up Metabolism to burn calories all day (even at rest)

• Flatter abs with a toned waistline (the body part that makes you look truly fit)

• Look and feel ten or even twenty years younger

• Increased muscle tone and confidence in how you look (be proud of your body)

• Sleep better, reduce aches & pains, enjoy life more, and boost your productivity through the roof

• Decreased stress, anxiety and worrisome feelings (finally feel good about "You")

• Reduce cravings for that junk food (fats, sugars) that leaves you feeling horrible

• Decreased joint pain, back discomfort and weight load on your hips & knees

• A sharpened mind, focused motivation and a renewed joy in life!

• The Truth About How to Make Lasting, Measurable Improvements In Your Body

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In Good Health


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