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Todd has taught me Diet + Exercise = Great Health! Working with him is a BLAST!

Daryl B.
Medical Manufacturing
South Plainfield, NJ

Awesome testimonial from an equally awesome lady!

Chrissy P.
Insurance Actuary
Chester, NJ

Todd has made such an ENORMOUS Impact on me.....

March 18, 2011

I am so greatful & thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Todd Dattoli, personal trainer & owner of Peak Condition Fitness. Todd has made such an enormous impact on me & has been the driving force in helping me become a healthier, more fit person. He as taught me a tremendous amount about nutrition and fitness, all of which I will be able to use moving forward for the rest of my life. When I first started working with Todd I had really let myself go. After having two children and not making the time for myself, I was EXTREMELY overweight and out of shape.

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Medical Sales
Chester, NJ

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...True Professional with Big Heart!


kids sports trainer

January 24, 2009

Todd G. Dattoli, ACE CPT, YCS, NMS
Professional Fitness Expert
IYCA Certified Youth Fitness Specialist
Nutrition Management Specialist
Sports Conditioning Coach

Dear Todd,

I want to take a moment to thank you for your involvement with the Twin Boro Bears Varsity Football Team this past season. What started out as just a few sessions of a speed and agility camp, turned into a valuable asset to the Varsity coaching staff. After the first training session with you in early August, the players asked me if you were going to be with us the entire season and I knew then that I needed to add your expertise to our team.

I only wish that we had you working with the team for the years prior because the change noted in the players agility and conditioning after you started was staggering. You are a true professional with a big heart! Our players will never forget the lessons you taught them and will, I hope, continue to use you as a trainer to enhance their athletic abilities in the coming years.


Vinnie Lasorsa, DC
Liberty Corner Chiropractic
President Twin Boro Bears Football
Varsity Head Coach
Mendham, NJ

"In 4 Short Weeks I Have Already Been Able to See Results in My Physique!"


Thanks again for everything over the past couple weeks. It truly has been a pleasure meeting and working with you and I am sure that you will be hearing from me again! Below is my testimonial:

Recently I have been seeking some more serious gains in my workout routine. I have consulted friends, magazines, and just about every fitness website there is before deciding that I should try the route of personal training. Being an avid exerciser over the past 4 years I have seen several individuals with personal trainers at my local gym and thought I knew what I would be getting into. I figured I would set goals, learn new exercises, and have someone to motivate me.

With Todd as my trainer I have gotten all of those things and so much more.

Todd introduced me to a world of fitness that I was previously just scratching the surface of. Training with Todd isn’t just learning a "new" exercise for a specific muscle group, but I have learned strength training circuit's that utilize my entire body. Exercises that involve everyday motions to build a body for everyday activities.

Not only have I learned new fitness exercises, but Todd has also geared my mind towards nutrition and the importance of eating properly combined with exercise. And how could I forget the value in digesting for at least 60 minutes before exercising (you will have to ask Todd about the details of that story!).

In 4 short weeks I have already been able to see results in my physique! My core is tighter, my body fat has dropped, and I know if I continue with what I have learned I will be able to get the body that I have been working for. Best of all I know Todd is there for any questions I may have and I always can come back to him for fresh new routines. Thanks for all your help!

James P. Gentile
College Student
Virginia Tech University
Peapack-Gladstone, NJ

"...I Feel Great!"

I have spent the last 7 years with Todd. He has created a supportive, non-judgemental, inspiring and fun atmosphere. He is approachable, which puts me at ease sharing my goals and sometimes downfalls. His helpful suggestions and knowledge of his craft is inspiring. Over the course of my time with Todd, he has not only been my trainer, he has become my friend. As a result of all Todd's caring and dedication I feel great!

Debra Lochli-McGrath
Senior Executive
Basking Ridge, NJ

"I've Lost 10 pounds..."

I have been seeing Todd of Peak Condition for almost 3 years now. I originally was interested in perosonal training because I needed someone to push me back into exercising. I have been a fitness enthusiast for 20 years, but over time exercise seemed to take a back seat. Todd impressed me right off the bat -- he gave me a fitness evaluation and spent time understanding what my fitness goals were. He made exercise "fun" again and I looked forward to exercising again. My training sessions are curtailed to my personal goals. Todd periodically asks me to update my goals. In turn, my personalized program is updated accordingly. Todd has kicked my butt into shape! And on days my muscles are sore, Todd is quick to use massage therapy to get blood flowing to my sore muscles.

Todd has shown me how to loose the weight by modifying my diet and thought process surrounding food helping me to lose 10 pounds. Todd has shown me how to think of food as fuel. At first I had doubts given my busy lifestyle, but Todd constantly has suggestions so that healthly food choices fit into my crazy life -- no more excuses! Plus, it was all food that I enjoyed--how great is that! This change alone has given me more energy throughout the entire day. Todd always recommends websites where I am able to get additional information regarding nutrition and fitness. Now I have Todd working on my next goal--to get to the next level of physical performance and help me with my deep sea dives.

Darryl Ann Bomentre
Senior Manager Quality Tools
South Plainfield, NJ

....The Jealousy of My Peers!

The reason you will want to work with Todd as your trainer as opposed to all others out there is that Todd cares. Too many trainers just stand there yelling at you in between yawns. Too many "so-called" trainers will also train their clients like they all came out of the same mold because that is the easy way to do things. Todd approaches training you like he is helping his best friend get more fit and healthy. You become his friend because you soon learn that he is putting his ALL into improving your well being and he works very hard at getting to know you and YOUR needs.

Rather than just counting reps and setting up your next machine, Todd will first make sure you have no "issues" with how you are doing that day. He always addresses the "issues" first even if it means he is giving you a massage and stretching session instead of a regular workout. In a larger gym the trainers are much more programmed to giving clients specific workouts set by the gym manager; with Todd, it is just you and Todd setting the program. And with Todd, it is never the same workout twice. I am now 60 years old and I have been going to Todd religiously for over 8 years now and I am still AMAZED at how many variations of workouts that he has come up with and how he still has new exercises for me to do. Truly amazing.

But, you will soon learn that the BEST thing about working with Todd is his bouyant personality. Working out can be like going to the dentist...but with Todd it is amazing how much you laugh while you're getting your work out in. It is not all "fun and games" mind you, but rather, you come away with a great workout and you don't dread coming back for more.

With his caring, his creativity, and his vibrant personality, Todd has made me a much fitter and better person than I was 8 years ago. The best testament to my "body by Dattoli" is the jealousy of my peers.

Jeff Beyer
Business Owner
Bedminster, NJ

"...Nice to See the Kids Smiling While Working Hard"

Coach Dattoli,

The clinics have been great! It is something Connor has looked forward to each week. It has been nice to see the kids smiling and working hard while doing your drills. Thank you very much for all of the time you spent working with the boys, not just on the field but in preparing the clinics.

Beth & Andy Hess
Yorkshire Physical Therapy
Defensive Coordinator Twin Boro Bears
Mendham, NJ

"...In Much Better Shape Now Than I've Ever Been!"

I have been working with Todd for over five years now. Todd is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and exercise techniques. He utilizes this vast knowledge in tailoring workouts that are always interesting and worthwhile. As a result, I am in much better shape now than I ever have been!

Roy Loomis
Pet Store Owner
Bedminster, NJ

"Made the Varsity High School Football Team!"

Knowing my son Scott would grow into a large athletic body, I asked Todd to start him on a long term program focused on balance, stamina and specific skills (basketball and football). Scott has just turned 15, he has worked out reqularly with Todd since the age of 9. Scott is active on travelling teams in lacross, football and basketball. We have added strength training to his routine- good timing for a young man who is 6'4" tall and weights 200+.

On the softer side, Scott plays the piano and drums - but his regular workouts with Todd would be the last thing he would give up as high school footbal looms ahead. Also, Todd has impressed Scott with discussions about good nutrition; so much so that he recently read "Chew On This" by Schlosser & Wilson because of the importance Todd taught Scott on the need for good nutrition as Scott grows.

Harold & Scott Grossnickle

Warren, NJ

**Update** I am excited to note that Scott has made the Varsity football squad as an offensive lineman and defensive tackle for our high school (Watchung Hills Regional High School) for the 2008/2009 season. Both Scott and I thank Todd for all his work and dedication.

"Conditioning Clinics Were Truly Beneficial..."

My son, Michael, worked with Todd of Peak Condition during this past football season (Fall 08) as part of the Twin Boro Bears Varsity Team. I really can't say enough good things about Todd's involvement and commitment to the team. The conditioning clinics he held were truly beneficial, he helped in all aspects -- strength, speed, agility, etc. Todd really challenged the boys, but they loved it! It was a tough work out, but he made it F U N as well. Todd became more than the conditioning coach, he became an inspiration and a friend to all the players. He trained their bodies, but also taught them how to think, and how to be good sports. His dedication to these boys came truly from the heart. We were privileged to have him as part of the Twin Boro Bears program this year.

Todd, your program has been so beneficial to the boys, we can't thank you enough! Michael will be on the Varsity team again next year, he is only in 7th grade, but was too old to play on the JV team (he had that late summer birthday...) We would love it if you could get hooked up again with the bears next year! Anything I can do to help, let me know if you are interested in hooking up with next years coaches. You are a great inspiration to the Bears, your expertise and "level headed-ness" is a valuable addition to the team.

It would be awesome if you could continue your work with the Bears. I know Michael would really like you to as well!!

Pam Frigo
Twin Boro Bears Football Mom
Mendham, NJ

"Appreciate Dedication to Prepare & Condition the boys..."

Coach Dattoli,

We would like to thank you for all the time you have spent working with the boys. Eddie has looked forward to your clinics, and he has learned a lot from them. It was great to see how you mixed some F U N into the hard work of the drills and work-outs as well. We appreciate your dedication in helping to prepare and condition the boys this season!

Thank you for all you've taught Eddie ... he really enjoys your clinics and that you take the time and effort to help the boys be their best.

I wish you had been their conditioning coach since the 1st grade!!

Mary and Ed Thomas (and Eddie)
Twin Boro Bears Football
Mendham, NJ

"Consider Yourself Lucky...."

I admit, I'm a difficult client. I'd rather be doing anything but exercising. Todd, with his innate ability to reach out to his clients, had succeeded in getting me to consistently show up for my workouts. How? He mixes discipline, knowledge,humor, patience, genuine interest and intense focus into every one of my workouts without exception. I walk into my sessions grumbing and complaining and walk out tired, but feeling great. Todd (a NJ Personal Trainer) is a fountain of information; not only regarding fitness, but also nutrition, physical therapy, sports instruction, massage and a lot of psychology. Todd is unique and consider yourself lucky if you become one of his clients.

JoAnne Porto Business Owner
Mendham, NJ

"....Always Keeps Me Motivated"

I HIGHLY recommend Todd Dattoli as your personal trainer (NJ) of choice. I have been with Todd for about 3 years. He always keeps me motivated and smiling with his knowledgeable workouts. I have always felt safe in his charge. I know if you choose Todd you will reach your goals and always think of him with a smile on your face.

Kathy B.
Bedminster, NJ