Health Tip: Buying Exercise Equipment

(HealthDayNews) -- If you're considering buying fitness equipment for home use, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission says you should exercise good judgment when evaluating advertising claims. Here are the agency's suggestions:

• Look for equipment that offers a total workout. The best route to a healthier body involves a variety of physical activities as part of a daily routine.

• No exercise device, by itself, can burn fat off a particular part of your body. To turn a "beer belly" into a "six pack stomach," you must combine sensible eating with regular exercise that works the whole body.

• Be skeptical of outrageous claims. Ads that promise "effortless" results are false.

• Think twice about dramatic testimonials or before-and-after pictures from satisfied customers. These results usually aren't typical.

• Get the total cost of the product before you buy. Total cost includes sales tax, shipping and handling, delivery, and set-up fees. Get the details on warranties, guarantees, and return policies. Check out the company's customer service and support, too.